Our clinic offers a wide array of treatments. Each treatment is tailored and optimised for best results. The team of therapist are certified with degrees in Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Acupuncture, Pregnancy massage, Soft Tissue Therapy, Sports Massage, Yoga Therapy and Personal Training. 


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Initial Consultation + Treatment

85 £GB (45 min.)

During this first consultation, your Osteopath will take a case history by going through a number of questions related to your health, your pain history and the presenting complaint.

Then, you will go through a physical assessment that might require you to perform provocative movements in order to help your therapist understand the mechanism of your injuries and pains.

The treatment will start as soon as the therapist has enough information and can work towards a diagnosis. In this treatment, the practitioner will use an array of techniques such as soft tissue, joint articulation, osteopathic manipulations, medical acupuncture and others.

30 min. up to 1 hour

Follow-up session

70 £GB (30 min.)
85 £GB (45 min.)
120 £GB (1 hour)

During these appointments, the practitioner will assess your progress from the previous sessions and will continue the treatment. It is a shorter appointment as the assessments are shorter.

Covered by Private Healthcare insurances

Osteopathy via Healthcare Insurance

(30 min.)

Your Osteopath is recognised by AVIVA, AXA Health, Vitality Health and many other insurance companies.

Please contact your insurance provider to confirm the number of sessions allocated. 
No prepayment will be required. 

Please provide :
– Membership number
– Authorisation code


30 min. up to 1 hour

Deep Tissue Massage

45 £GB (30 min.)
67 £GB (45 min.)
79 £GB (1 hour)

After a quick consultation, you will receive a full-body massage treatment with strong pressure that builds up. Expect extra focus on tense spots, where elbows, fists, forearms and knuckles might be used to work out knots.

30 min. up to 1 hour

Sports Massage

45 £GB (30 min.)
67 £GB (45 min.)
79 £GB (1 hour)

A one hour tailored sports massage using soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques to help:

  • Stretching muscles to prevent injury.
  • Boosting blood flow for quicker recovery.
  • Freeing up movement after exercise.

Personal Coaching

Sports Therapy

Personal Training Assessment and Program Building

120 £GB (1 hour + First month of training program) 

Bronze Membership : Training Program. £59.99

Silver Membership    :  Training Program + Nutrition plan. £99.99

Gold Membership : Training + Nutrition plan + Treatment*. £179.99

A full body assessment using biomechanics principles and our sport medicine expertise.
The therapist will include your medical history and give you all the tips and advices you need to help you reach your goals using a tailored program that is build with you and for you.

These programs are build for amateur to confirmed athletes and for any sports.


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